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Opening Ceremony
  • Opening
    Opening Remarks, Congratulatory Remarks March 18, 13:00(GMT +9) Watch
Global Healthcare
  • Keynote Speech The Challenges of the Global Healthcare Industry after COVID-19 March 18, 13:10(GMT +9) Watch
  • Session 1 Changes and Preospects of the Global Healthcare Market March 18, 14:00(GMT +9) Watch
  • Session 2 Trends and Strategies of Medical Tourism Marketing for the Post COVID-19 era March 18, 15:00(GMT +9) Watch
  • Session 3 Global Healthcare Policy & Management Forum:
    “Emerging issues in the medical tourism market during COVID-19 pandemic”
    March 19, 10:00(GMT +9) Watch
  • Session 4 The 8th Global Strategic Forum : Global Digital Healthcare Trends and Successful case of K-Digital Healthcare March 18, 15:00(GMT +9) Watch
Academic Exchange
  • Session 5 Korea-China Academic Exchange :
    The latest medical technology in the field of severe diseases
    (Korea International Medical Association)
    March 19, 14:00(GMT +9) Watch
  • Session 6 Changes to the dental care environment of various countries before, during, and after the COVID-19 pandemic
    (Korean Dental Association)
    March 19, 11:00(GMT +9) Watch
  • Session 7 The latest physio-therapeutic technology to strengthen global competitiveness (Korean Physical Therapy Association) March 20, 09:00(GMT +9) Watch
  • Session 8 The present and future of innovative non-face-to-face medical technology in the post-pandemic era
    (Korean Medical 3D Printing Society)
    March 19, 14:00(GMT +9) Watch
Special Sessions
  • Session 9 Korea as a destination for patients from all over the world March 18, 15:00(GMT +9) Watch
  • Session 10 Korea, the center of training and clinical experience March 19, 13:00(GMT +9) Watch
  • Session 11 K-Medical, bringing the excellence in medical treatments March 19, 14:30(GMT+9) Watch