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: 메디컬코리아 : Fri, 19 March, 11:24 AM

(Arirang News) Future of global healthcare discussed at 'Medical Korea 2021' conference

Future of global healthcare discussed at 'Medical Korea 2021' conference

The coronavirus outbreak has brought changes to the medical tourism industry.
To discuss the future of global healthcare, the Korea Health Industry Development Institute organized the conference, 'Medical Korea 2021.'

"By using technology from the 4th industrial revolution, like the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, medical services will be personalized and more refined. There will also be non-contact healthcare systems which use information communications technology."

"In 2019, about half a million people from around 200 countries visited South Korea to receive medical care."

Many visitors come for internal medicine or plastic surgery.
They also come for medical check-ups and even to treat serious health conditions.

"South Korea has world-class quality of medical techniques in the field of cancer prevention and organ transplants. So, we believe there will be an increase in demand for treatment for serious illnesses."

'Medical Korea 2021' will help medical companies and potential customers meet online, export South Korean healthcare skills and also promote medical tourism.
There are offline booths introducing groundbreaking medical equipment such as this needle-less syringe.
It can be used for vaccines, face fillers and insulin for people who have diabetes.
And, this muscle and joint rehabilitation equipment can be used at home.

"Our product can be used at home and in hospitals. Unlike the preexisting rehabilitation equipment, it can be used for both arms and legs."

Medical Korea 2021 is held from Thursday to Sunday and can be watched online at 'medical-korea.org.'
Jang Tae-hyun, Arirang News.
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